Weak An Irresistible Love

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Weak An Irresistible Love
Weak An Irresistible Love

Bellow is Feature and description of Weak An Irresistible Love

Briella Michaels had one goal for 2017–to fall in love and get married. Under the guidance of her love and relationship guru, Briella devotes herself to endless dates in hopes of finding the man for her.
Priest Bradford had one goal for 2017–to get over his ex-fiancée and make sure that he never falls for another woman again. Ever. Like… in life. Reaching his breaking point with love, Priest devotes himself to his business and building an empire.
As a home stager and interior designer, Briella is always on the hunt for new opportunities to show her talent and creativity. When she hears about Bradford Realty looking to hire a home stager she’s determined to land the gig. What she doesn’t plan on is falling in love with the owner–Priest.
Priest has everything on Briella’s husband list. There’s just one problem; he doesn’t want to be her husband or anyone else’s. As the two venture off into their business relationship, Briella can’t help but desire a personal one while Priest does everything in his power to keep from falling for her.
By the time their contract is up, Priest has to make a decision that has the power to change both of their lives–secure his future with Briella or allow his past to pull them apart.

*Warning, this book contains instalove, or love at first sight, and profanity. If either of those aren't your personal preference please consider another B. Love novel over this one.*

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