Too Devout

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Too Devout
Too Devout

Bellow is Feature and description of Too Devout

These characters were too dynamic to leave lingering on the shallow surface.

Delve deeper into Denny and Neeka’s world and you’ll either be begging to leave, or won’t want to.
Too Devout is the anticipated mega-conclusion to the renowned Devout.
Readers were left unsure, but hopeful that they would be reacquainted with the two, star-crossed lovers.
Denaché Denny “D Rock” Graham, the ever complex crime lord with his layers of mystery beneath his grime, and his weakness for the simpler semi of the pair - the beguiling Neeka Perry.
Neeka was left in waiting, and it was not in vain. Denny is back, but back to what? Or better, in fact, back as what?
Busy hearts will go still in this last installment of a novel that was supposed to be left at a kiss in the wind.
With the tenacity of the characters folded into these paragraphs...and their determination to beat the odds tilting the scale at every obstacle…
You, as the witness, will be the one to decide... Should it have been?
Is love a game that you play to win...and by all means, to prove it true?
Or, are there signs we overlook, which caution us when we are going against the course of nature?
Is there ever a danger…of being…TOO DEVOUT?

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