The Beauty Of This Street Love 2

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The Beauty Of This Street Love 2
The Beauty Of This Street Love 2

Bellow is Feature and description of The Beauty Of This Street Love 2

The Kinseys. Four brothers and one up-and-coming sister. They got the street game on lock, but when it comes to the game of love, things ain't so easy.

Tre, the oldest, has his work cut out for him, trying to win back his baby mama, Shamar and cut ties with his ex. Shamar is determined not to settle and if Tre can't step up, she's going to step out.

Tripp is on the verge of losing the family that he and Cyn had just started to build. Cyn's mind is wary of his lifestyle but heart craves his love. Can they work it out before their new foundation begins to crumble?

Tamir has a love-hate relationship with Chantal DuBois. Both of them feel betrayed by the other and resentment and tension threaten to destroy their love. If they can't overcome past wrongs, their hopes for a future are in vain.

Tyrese, the ultimate player, has always laughed at his brothers' love troubles. But he may have just met his match in Dr. B. Elyse Rose. He's shocked--and intrigued--when the good doctor refuses to play the game his way. Can this bad boy convince his "Fairytale Girl" that he's just what she needs?

Baby girl Tamar doesn't know quite what has hit her when she meets Angel Cruz. Dark and mysterious, he sets her passions aflame. But Tamar has some unexpected surprises in store...

Watch as the war with the Prince family heats up and the Kinseys face losing what they've worked so hard to gain and who they love most!

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