Storage Ghost Mysteries The Box Set

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Storage Ghost Mysteries The Box Set
Storage Ghost Mysteries The Box Set

Bellow is Feature and description of Storage Ghost Mysteries The Box Set

5 short mysteries about ghosts who need help.

Jacob's Coins:
Following their parents’ sudden death, Frankie and Grace Abrahams are left with crippling debts and an almost empty antique shop.
Frankie has watched countless TV programmes about storage locker auctions and is convinced that he has what it takes to succeed in the business. He drags Grace to a nearby auction. Frankie is excited about making his first bid, he doesn’t know that Grace can see ghosts in the lockers.
Frankie buys his first locker, complete with a 17 year old ghost. The ghost looks so sad that Grace can’t help but talk to him. She soon finds out why he is attached to the locker. He asks for her help. Grace doesn’t know how she can help him, she’s never even spoken to a ghost before – she just knows that she has to try.

Lost and Found:
Grace and Frankie Abrahams have been left with an antiques shop and crippling debts following their parents’ sudden death.
Frankie is an avid viewer of storage locker auction shows and is sure that he can buy items for their ailing shop from nearby auctions. He takes Grace with him to find hidden treasures.
He doesn’t know that Grace finds ghosts at the auctions, ghosts that need her help.
In this story Grace meets Clive. Clive has lost something but he doesn’t know what, he only knows that it’s extremely important that he finds it. Clive is in such distress that Grace feels that she has to help him. This leads her to discover a heartbreaking story of lost love.

Tick Tock:
Grace and Frankie Abrahams own an antiques shop that was left to them by their parents. They also own the massive debt that their father incurred. A loan shark, Eddie Tominski, is now threatening to take away their beloved shop.
At a storage locker auction Grace sees the ghosts of Lynne and Tom Opendale. They were friends of her parents. Grace asks how she can help them. Tom replies that it’s Grace that needs the help – they are going to lead her to the person who murdered them, and who also murdered her parents.

The Write Dream:
Following their parents’ sudden deaths Grace and Frankie Abrahams are left with an antiques shop. Grace nearly died in the car accident that killed her parents, she is now left with the ability to see ghosts.
Frankie has started to build up stock for their shop by buying storage lockers. Grace has started to help ghosts that are attached to items inside the lockers.
In this story Grace meets a heart broken mum, Marie Braithwaite. Marie died when her son was 14, that was 5 years ago. Marie instinctively knows that something is wrong with her son and she wants Grace to help her.
Grace agrees to do so but soon runs into obstacles ...

Daisy’s Chain:
Following a near death experience Grace Abrahams can now see ghosts. She helps ghosts that she meets at storage locker auctions.
In this story Grace meets an angry ghost who forces her to bid for a locker full of old clothes. Grace doesn’t like him, and she doesn’t trust him, but she agrees to help him.
She soon finds out the terrible circumstances that made the ghost so angry, an event that involved his daughter, Daisy.
Once Grace knows the full details she sets out to help Daisy, will she find her in time?

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