Roameo Pet Monitor System

Roameo Pet Monitor System Brand of this product is Pet Tronix, and included in the category Misc. which has dimensions : height inch, Length inch and width inch, Weight pounds. In our last survey in one of the largest store in the USA Roameo Pet Monitor System be priced at $(Check price !!).

Roameo Pet Monitor System
Roameo Pet Monitor System

Bellow is Feature and description of Roameo Pet Monitor System

The RoamEO Pet Monitor System allows you to locate your pet using a patened combination of satellite and radio signals. The easy to use system consists of an adjustable collar for your pet and a handheld receiver that monitors your pet's movements and will guide you to your pet if desired. RoamEO works right from the box and doesn't require a subscription or additional fees or services. Batteries and battery charger included.
  • GPS-enabled collar and handheld receiver system updates and displays your dog's location information every few seconds, providing a continuous stream of data for real-time monitoring
  • No annual or monthly service contracts required, saving hundreds of dollars over the life of ownership when compared to products using cell networks; Use RoamEO as much or as little as your dog's lifestyle dictates at no extra cost
  • Take roamEO with you: proprietary radio design works anywhere, making it perfect for vacations, outdoor activities and other everyday adventures you take with your pet
  • Adjustable collar fits neck circumferences from 12-24"; collar automatically powers on when placed on your pet so you can never forget to turn it on
  • Uses rechargeable, lithium batteries for both handheld receiver and collar

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