Kenmore 12 Gal Humidifier

Kenmore 12 Gal Humidifier Brand of this product is Kenmore, and included in the category Kitchen which has dimensions : height inch, Length inch and width inch, Weight pounds. In our last survey in one of the largest store in the USA Kenmore 12 Gal Humidifier be priced at $(Check price !!).

Kenmore 12 Gal Humidifier
Kenmore 12 Gal Humidifier

Bellow is Feature and description of Kenmore 12 Gal Humidifier

Humidifier with an 12 gallon output over a 24 hour period. Suitable for an area up to 2500 sq. ft., based on an 8 ft. ceiling height. Digital LED display of target and actual humidity readouts. Target humidity can be selected in increments of 5% from 20 - 65%. The unit will cycle on and off as require to meet the selected humidity level. The 15412 (12 gallon console humidifier) has a double fill system. There are two reservoirs (i.e. a bottle and the base). The base capacity is 2 gallons and the bottle capacity is 1.9 gallons. The total reservoir capacity (i.e. the base plus the bottle) is 3.9 gallons.
  • Actual humidity displayed in 1% increments
  • Advanced automatic dry-out mode promotes cleaner operation, eliminates stagnant water
  • Service filter indicator ensures humidifier is operating efficiently
  • Treated filter is mold/mildew resistant
  • Press keys to security lock the digital controls

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